Hong Kong

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It took a few days for Hong Kong to grow on me. At first it felt like any other big city with lots of tall buildings and lots and lots of people. Combined with our first unfortunate hostel experience (it turned out be fine, but only after a really bad first impression) our first couple of days left me underwhelmed. Luckily, not only is Greg great when it comes to booking flights through frequent flyer miles, he’s also terrific at using credit card points for hotels, in this case for two nights at the Grand Hyatt. Feeling completely spoiled we used this as our jumping off point and managed to get our bearings and really start to enjoy the city.


Although quite touristy the tram to the top of Victoria Peak was well worth it and exploring the mid-level escalators was great (fun fact - they are the longest covered escalator system in the world spanning 800 meters and 135 meters of elevation change).


After the first three nights on Hong Kong island we crossed the harbor and spent our last day in Kowloon exploring the park, and staying right next to Nathan Road and the Temple Street night market. Again, very touristy but well worth the visit and put new meaning to the words “made in China”.



Overall, I’m not sure that Hong Kong is someplace I’d go out of my way to visit again, but certainly wouldn’t turn down another trip if we’re ever back in the area. In the airport now waiting for our flight to Singapore. Lots of love to everyone!

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