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Hawaii was again wonderful. If Greg and I ever disappear for awhile I'd suggest looking there first. We weren't super adventurous with our destination and went right back to the same area of Waikiki where we'd stayed last year. First place on this trip though that we weren't staying with family so served as another way that we managed to ease ourselves into this adventure. Despite that our first day there was met with rain and flash flood warnings (and that we did manage to get at least some rain everyday) Hawaii was of course wonderful. Cocktails on the beach, swimming in the ocean - with rainbows sporadically appearing over Waikiki, and a wonderful drive to and shrimp truck dinner on the North Shore (with a stop at the Dole plantation for some of the best pineapple soft serve you can imagine of course)! http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8522/8650535424_790e576af1.jpg Just before leaving on Saturday Greg and I went to Pearl Harbor and the Arizona memorial, something that we'd missed last time. Completely worth it. Not only were the video and tour of the memorial very well done, there were a couple of museums and lots to do in the visitor center itself. It was all incredibly moving and I could think of at least a dozen people I'd like to go back there with someday. P1040761 P1040799 Tough of course to leave Hawaii but now on our way to Tahiti!

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