French Polynesia

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8610870761_7a0357cf5c_b Fun fact #1, did you know that a sea turtle's gender isn't determined genetically but instead by what temperature the eggs are kept at before they hatch? Warmer eggs mean females, cooler temperatures males. I had no idea. Hence, global warming, not so great for the turtle population. Besides the fact that Bora Bora itself was almost indescribably amazing one of the selling points of our hotel was that it has a turtle sanctuary and recovery center on site. After our sea turtle experience in Hawaii last year Greg and I have a soft spot for these gals* so this was a major highlight. Along with the turtles everything else seriously met (and in many ways exceeded) every expectation set by any picture I'd ever seen of the place. Turquoise water, warm breeze and lots of overwater bungalows. Greg and I agreed that this was the honeymoon part of the trip so totally splurged on the accommodations, again completely worth it. Our bungalow came complete with a glass floor so we could look down at the fish and rays swimming below and stairs that led straight into the crystal clear lagoon. Everything about Le Meridien was fantastic and whether because of island culture or the nature of the place itself we met some of the nicest people, both staff and guests. P1040872 Alas, all good things....certainly made easier by reminding ourselves that we're off to New Zealand next! P1060964 *Fun fact #2 - the word for turtle in French is feminine so all of the turtles in French Polynesia are referred to as 'she'.

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