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Another place that I'm thrilled to have visited. Not only has Sydney been a really fun city to explore, but it's been a great place to just chill and regroup for a bit. The first day we were here Greg and I meant to go on a walking tour offered by our hostel but managed to somehow miss it (a story for another time). So we set out on our own and before the day was through had done almost two full laps of the city and walked something close to 13 miles. We saw some definite highlights though including the Opera house, the Rocks neighborhood the ANZAC war memorial and Darling harbor. All definitely worth the walk. P1070398 The next day, obviously a bit worn out, we decided to just take it easy and find some decent wifi for some more trip planning. Please somebody tell me I'm being ridiculous if I ever complain about wifi speeds in the US again. We finally figured out that the Art Gallery has the best connection so stayed there for a bit and got caught up on a few things. A trip to Australia of course wouldn't be complete without a good pub crawl too so that night we scoped out a few and settled on our new favorite bar in Sydney, Hart's Pub. Not only were their local beers from Rocks Brewing Company tasty but had great branding with names like the Boxer, the Convict and the Governor. What took this bar over the top, however, were their JalapeƱo Poppers. We both agree they were the best we've ever had anywhere. Spicy enough for Greg, but somehow still flavorful enough for me (with a pint close by of course). I'd consider going back to Sydney just for these alone. On the last full day in Australia Greg and I decided that we should check out the zoo. The Taronga zoo gets great reviews and since we're about as far away from home as we're going to get it seemed like fun. It's actually across the harbor from Sydney so we got to take a ferry across with some more great views of the Opera house. The zoo itself is really well put together and we saw all the classics, koalas, wallabies, wombats, kangaroos, pelicans and even a tasmanian devil. P1070496 Still sounds like a whirlwind stop, I know, but honestly after the pace we'd started this trip out on a full week here felt like a month. We'd of course love to spend more time (and see more than just Sydney), but it will have to wait until next time. Off to Japan....

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